We are so humbled by the kind words of our class participants!

“I have practiced yoga with Lena for about five years. She teaches with expertise, encouragement and humor in a non-intimidating environment. While her classes are taught in a manner that all levels can apply, she has an exceptional ability to deliver a great workout. I love her messages of inspiration. They are always delivered with a huge dose of LOVE!”
— Diane Seamans

“I started taking yoga classes at Live and Love Studios to help with recurring neck and back problems. A total beginner, I was nervous about joining a group, but quickly learned that everyone here is focused on their own practice and the mood is non-judgmental, lighthearted and fun. Kat and Lena emphasize honoring ourselves where we’re at—not forcing a pose but gently moving toward it. One day, you just ease into that pose and realize how far you’ve come. The power of practice! I’ve been taking classes with Lena for years now. This has gone way beyond helping my neck and back (both doing great). Lena’s teachings have given me a greater awareness of my breath, my thoughts, my body—how each influences the other, and how to find a greater sense of well-being and more strength than I thought I had. I always walk into the studio knowing this will do wonders for my whole being—body, mind, and spirit—and leave feeling calm and centered.”
— Angie Cook

“Love the classes here! Lena is an amazing teacher ~ and kicks your butt (in a good way)!!”
— Gwendolyn

“Awesome way to start the day, yoga on the beach with Lena and Kat!”
— Lisa

“Amazing instructor who is so helpful and has the best laugh! Thanks for a wonderful experience Lena!:) xoxo”
— Alyssa

“Lena is the Best!! Your words speak volumes…! You seem to know where I’m at in the moment!! Thank You!”
— Kathy

I have been going to Lena’s studio for the past 6 years. She is an amazing teacher and not just on the yoga mat. Lena’s yoga class is great for the body, mind and soul. I leave there feeling so much better. This class has help me with my struggles with anxiety and everyday stress. This is a place you can let it all go and really get a great workout. I highly recommend Lena’s Studio.”
— MaryAnn B.

“Lena never fails to challenge my body, open my heart, and inspire my spirit!”
— Denise L.

“Throughout the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of attending Lena’s barre and yoga classes. Lena is an energetic, compassionate, humorous & kind women who has helped me regain my strength & confidence. The studio is warm, inviting, clean & filled with light! I would recommend both classes to anyone looking for a space to exercise your mind, body & soul.”
— Nichole B.