Heart Lotus Evolution

Heart Lotus Evolution is a revolutionary healing process, that helps you shift your awareness of your energy, and how you can consciously co-create what you desire. To make this kind of shift, and maintain it, requires a considerable change in mindset, and to cast off many negative learned beliefs of our pasts. Heart Lotus Evolution is a paradigm shift in thinking, feeling, and consciousness.

This need to shift one’s thinking and energy is helped through a Heart Lotus Evolution Guide. Lena Rose Knight guides “loved ones” through their healing process by first setting intentions together, then clearing chakras and pathways, a foot massage to free energy, clearing of spinal energy and auras, and often using affirmations and gratitudes to set intentions moving forward.

Lena’s practice as a yogi, healer and spiritual teacher for over 20 years has led her to incorporate this extraordinary healing modality into her vast tools. Heart Lotus Evolution is the original work of healer and conscious channeler, Marsha Stultz, whom Lena has studied and worked with for many years. Marsha describes this healing practice as:

“The concepts of Heart Lotus Evolution are holographic in nature, and once understood create an empowering experience of realizing we are the Master Creators of our inner and outer worlds. To do this we must become conscious. Most often we are creating from unconsciousness. Examples of this are such things as being driven by unconscious learned behaviors of self-criticism, self judgement, limiting belief systems, ancestral memories, as well as simply being so busy that we are no longer living in the present moment. When we realize this, we begin to understand that we are constantly creating our future from the past.”

—Marsha Stultz, creator of Heart Lotus Evolution

Humans have been programmed to the flight-or-fight response, a reaction to life’s circumstances based on fear, and operating from a state of unconsciousness. Unconscious living results in habitual self-criticism, self-judgement, and limiting beliefs about how life can be.

The life-transforming power of Heart Lotus Evolution includes:

  • Energy & Chakra Clearing
  • Physical & Emotional Healing
  • Spiritual Centering
  • Wounded Inner Child
  • Negative Energetic Attachments to Others
  • Chronic and Severe Pain
  • Sickness & Illnesses

When we use Heart Lotus Evolution, our focus moves to becoming conscious, and setting our intentions to the life we are yearning for.

Understanding that we create what we believe, we shift our focus to one of being present, self-acceptance, and love. It is a paradigm shift in thinking, feeling, and our state of consciousness.

Please call Lena for more information and to schedule a Heart Lotus Evolution session.