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We are a warm and welcoming yoga practice studio with a focus on self-love and acceptance. We honor the individual student for who they are and where they are in their practice of yoga, balance and strength conditioning.

We want to help students build STRENGTH! Strength is so much more than a weight you lift, and extends far beyond physical features. It’s a lot more than being free of disease, illness, or injuries. Strength requires that you have a “reserve.” It requires that you have a surplus – just a bit more than enough strength in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Strength shows itself in your life when you’re full of energy, peace, and confidence.
Only when you’re strong inside and out will you be able to fully live your dreams, help others, and be truly content. Be strong, reduce stress, and increase your flexibly – let’s build our strength together!

Movement Classes:

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Because we believe in whole-body and whole-person health and wellness, our passion and expertise don’t stop at movement classes! Studio owner, Lena Rose Knight, is a Reiki Master, energy healer, and holistic health practitioner who loves to share her knowledge with others through classes.

Holistic Healing Classes:

Personal Development Classes: